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Your sellerbase

Keep tabs on all your activities.
Your personal sellerbase allows you to keep detailed track of what happens to your prices. Apply effective strategies to
remain on the pole-position constantly


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Your articles

You are always in control of your prices and products. The basis for each article is your minimum and maximum price.
The tried and tested engine operates within this price range and strives to achieve the maximum gain for you.

Your rules

You'd like to set global pricing strategies for your items or apply rules to articles individually? No problem!
You would like to exclude certain competitors? With pleasure!
We offer diverse yet intuitive possibilities to adjust your prices optimally to your market environment.
Forget lost profits and needlessly low profit margins.


Features beyond standard repricing.

Have you ever noticed multiple ASINs for one item? It's a common occurrence on Amazon that an identical item is listed under multiple ASINs. Our ASIN+ feature allows you to list items under all existing ASINs quickly and effectively.

  • Increase visibility
  • Help to increase sales
  • Sell at a higher price on different ASINs
You know 80% of sales happen within the BuyBox, right? Naturally, this is where every Amazon seller would like to be. The BuyBoxCatcher® scans the BuyBox continuously and dynamically chooses the best strategy for your items.

  • Help to increase visibility, sales, and margin with the strategy that best fits your business
  • Sales Booster: Apply an aggressive pricing strategy within the min and max price range to increase the amount of time in the BuyBox, which will help boost sales
  • Margin Booster: Apply an elaborate algorithm which strategically increases price to ensure an optimal balance between BuyBox ownership and maximum margin earned
  • Custom Booster: Create your own individual strategy for each BuyBoxCatcher® slot and define how you want to alter your price while fighting for the BuyBox and owning it.
Potential View
Do you know where your prices stand in the market? You might not realize that you have set your Amazon prices too high to have the top position or have set them too low so that you frequently lose out on profit margin. With Potential View, fine tune your prices by automatically analyzing the shop's current position.

  • Identify opportunities outside of the min and max ranges
  • Uncover hidden potential with the click of a button
  • Help to increase sales and margins

Don't have time to set min and max ranges for thousands of items? 1-Click-Pricing offers you the option to quickly set these ranges for your entire inventory based on the current online price.

  • Adjust ranges based on the percentages that you choose
  • Change percentages at any time or make manual changes to items when you wish
  • Apply percentages automatically when new items are added

Connection to your ERP-System
Using another third party system, such as an inventory management system? logicsale's repricing can be operated parallel to any common ERP System.

  • Integrate your system's data into our software
  • Update all data automatically
  • Process more complicated system data through our custom-built converters

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