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Company Profile

logicsale AG is one of the leading companies in the field of price optimization for Amazon and eBay.
But what exactly does a software do during this process, which is also called repricing?
target for Amazon provider is to enter the BuyBox with the best offer.
But product prices are subject to a minimum of Fluctuations that shop operators need to keep an eye on.
A manual adjustment is therefore time-consuming, inaccurate and actually only possible for vendors with a small product portfolio. can quickly and effectively bring their prices up to date, logicsale has an intelligent solution developed: A software that adjusts prices strategically and automatically.

The Heart of Software

Import article data via CSV file, set price rules and you're ready to go.
Define dealer über the so-called “sellerbase“, its individual price strategy with a minimum and a maximum of Maximum price.
This can be either per item per CSV file or for the entire range per 1-Click-Pricing
Within this price range, the engine works and fetches the maximum profit according to the price range. The direct connection to the enterprise resource planning system and the Amazon-MWS-interface enables the software directly on market changes.
So the competition is under permanent observation and the Prices are regulated in real time up or down.
With logicsale shop owners save valuable time and can increase your profit by 20-30 percent on average with just a few clicks.
The whole process is running smoothly web-based, so that customers can conveniently access their own data from anywhere and at any time, and can be adapted if necessary.
Further advantages: easy application and a clear surface, no software installation and innovative features.

Highest priority: Innovation and Service

The focus of logicsale is on innovation and service.
Only through continuous further development is it possible to the ability to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.
Therefore the IT department developed a number of extraordinary features.
For example the MarketSpy® Plus, which analyzes the Amazon market and provides retailers with sales recommendations and a clear comparison.
Potential View shows shop operators their potential: Should prices be reduced, the or is a margin strategy more effective? With ASIN+ a product can be easily integrated into all existing ASINs. to be represented everywhere with the product.
With it, dealers can reach their full potential. If you want to be able to choose the best service, you can also use the premium service of logicsale seven days a week. Page.
Every customer has his personal contact person who explains new features to him, input for provides the perfect strategy or answers basic questions.

The story behind logicsale

In 2009, Michael Näther and Michael Kirsch founded logicsale AG.
At that time, there were the first repricer whose But software was extremely slow.
“We were very surprised that business was going on at such a level“ Näther said.
“Then we thought to ourselves: That we could do better
Our goal was to become the fastest price optimizer and to provide our customers with a premium product.“ Kirsch took over the acquisition and Näther began to program the software in the meantime.
Schon after three months, they had convinced 50 online retailers.
With the first test accounts, they were able to follow suit and other core elements and so the software was ideally tailored to the needs of the customers. In the meantime, logicsale has pushed the sales of over 3,000 e-commerce providers.
And on their opinion the young company continues to build to this day: the feedback from customers continues to flow directly into the product development, features are constantly optimized and new ones are developed.
At the same time, the service is further improved. to be able to provide comprehensive support to Händler at all times. 30-strong team for the Külner company, but the growth is far from over: For The coming year will see further expansion and innovation projects.


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