More than software.  

 logicsale stands for innovation that redefines the limits of what is possible.  
 Not only do we help you adjust your prices, we also help you uncover the hidden potential you've missed out on. 
 you've been unaware of so far. When software simply doesn't cut it anymore, you need logicsale. 

 Get to know us.  

Head of Sales

I'll take a close look at your shop, your inventory,
your products and your prices.
I'm specialized in finding margin where others no longer see potential.
Ask for me.

Felix Kovac

Sales Team

Our founders essentially only gave us this task:
“If a merchant makes significantly more money using us,
he'll be happy to work with us. Put your entire focus on that.”
And that seems to be not only their opinion, but that of the sellers, too.

Sergio Saltos & Felix Adam


Whoever gets to program for logicsale has to work at an extraordinary level,
because there's a lot at stake. Our systems process several million prices and more than 10 terabytes of data per day so we can use our maximum potential. These very thoughts constantly drive us to develop systems that continue to push the boundaries.

Christian Gaugel

Accounting & Organization

Our accountants ensure that all financial processes
are carried out at a high level of quality and continue to lead to your success.
At logicsale, we're always on the move.

Sarah Weiss

 Real people, real emotions 

We want to enjoy our work and deliver spectacular results.
What's there to stop us?...Nothing!
This is precisley what we at logicsale live by. We'd like to show you just
how much fun it'll be to send out more orders and
to work with us.
Felix Kovac
Anna Zalopany
Felix Adam
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